AllFacebook Marketing Conference Berlin 2017- 15% Discount Code: SALMONSEOAFBMC

AllFacebook Marketing Conference Berlin - 15% Discount Code: SALMONSEOAFBMC

We live and love social media. At our conferences we talk about Facebook, but also about the best strategies, new platforms, innovative concepts, concrete success measurement and much more. With 14 conferences and over 5000 attendees, the AllFacebook conference is the most successful event on the subject of Facebook & Social Media Marketing in the German-speaking world.

For one day, Berlin becomes the place for social media marketing. On four parallel running stages, with over 30 speakers and great breaks for networking, you will experience the AllFacebook Marketing Conference

You’ll meet fellow campaigners from the industry, exchange ideas and come home with new ideas, strategies and concepts. Whether single players, small businesses, medium sized or large corporations - we all play with the same networks. In high-class sessions content is conveyed, which appeals to particularly advanced users, but also provide a good start for beginners.

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