Free SEO Tools and Resources to Help You Move Your Website to HTTPS

Free SEO Tools and Resources to Help You Move Your Website to HTTPS

Google Search Console team is warning webmasters from around the world that their HTTP pages will be marked as “not secure” when a user fills out the form on the HTTP website, and in Chrome browser’s incognito mode, starting October 2017. This will be, as Google team states, part of a long term plan to mark all pages served over HTTP as “not secure”.

We should all treat this as a clear warning for webmasters and website owners to move to SLL as soon as possible, especially if their website collects data, has login, or any kind of fill-out forms on the website. In order to help you achieve this process smoothly, we decided to share the best free SEO tools for moving to HTTPS and making the whole process easier for your web developer.

HTTP to HTTPS Migration Checklist in a Google Document

Thanks to one amazing woman in international SEO world – Aleyda Solis we now have the complete before, during and after migration process checklist of all the things we need to setup properly and double check on the website, in order to finish the migration process safely. This is not really a tool, rather a document, but we really recommend using her step-by-step guide when migrating to HTTPS to make sure you checked every tiny bit and detail before your HTTPS website goes live.

All You Need to Know for Moving to HTTPS

If you need a complete guide that you can share with your development team, or a place where you can get all of the answers, (no matter how basic or advanced they are) related to switching to HTTPS easily and with no mistakes, I recommend printing or saving this one. It is written by Fili Wiese, senior member of the Google Search Quality team, and it truly covers the complete topic of moving from HTTP to HTTPS.

SSL Server Test

SSL Server Test is a free online test tool for deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the internet. Enter the URL, and you will receive overall SSL rating, type of certificate, validation period and other detailed analysis. You can also use this tool to see how are your competitors ranked, and what type of SSL certificate do they use on the website.

JitBit SSL Check

This tool will crawl the URL searching for non-secure images, scripts and css-files that could lead to “not secure” message in the browser even if you have SSL installed. The only minus it that it is limited to crawling up to 200 URLs for a single domain.

HTTP Status Code Checker

Copy/paste 100 different URLs and check their status codes, redirect chains, see their redirect location and export all the data into CSV file that you can download on your computer. Easy to use and fast if you have small to medium website with less then 100 URLs.

Test Your Mobile Website Speed

Do not forget to test your mobile website speed after moving everything to HTTPS. Your website may be slower due to this transition, so make sure that everything works fast, and if not highlight the possible opportunities for website page speed reduction with this useful Google tool.  

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