SEO for Real Estate Websites 2017

SEO for Real Estate Websites 2017

Did you know that, according to Imageination's latest infographic, 87% of people use web search as a primary source for buying a property? SEO for real estate websites is incredibly important, and if you do not optimize your online presence, you may lose your valuable clients in the real estate business. Salmon SEO decided to help you and write useful guide that you need to go through with your SEO person in order to get the highest rankings and gain valuable leads from your website.

Website structure

It is very important that you structure your data in the right way. Segment real estate properties by either a property type, or a property location. Do the keyword analysis and find out what are the most important search terms in your location, and build your website around it. If your website sells houses and lots in Arizona, for example, examine keywords like: Arizona houses for sale, Houses for rent in AZ, Buy a home in Arizona, Real estate agent in Arizona and similar. You want to make sure to include location+ property type in your:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt-tags of photos
  • Page content
  • URL structure

Remember that, although you want to rank for some keyword, you still want to make it as natural as possible, and do not over-use it. Your visitors will give important data to Google, showing how relevant is your website through bounce rates, CTR, time spent on your website etc. Always make sure that your content looks natural to human observation, and write relevant content.

Unique content

This is a very common mistake for real estate websites. Real estate agencies are used to copy and publish the content that already exists on other real estate websites. This should be avoided and you need to make sure to write unique content for the web. Even having small portion of text is better than publishing copied listing from the house owner or MLS. Organize your website in a way that you always have a person that will be able to rewrite property descriptions and give it a spark of uniqueness.

Website speed

Resize photos and use “Save for the web” option to make sure that your pictures are easy to load and that it provides the best possible experience to users with different internet speed. Do not just upload the photos in the system thinking that the website will resize it to the proper size. This is a terrible mistake, and the reason why so many websites are ranking poorly even with the SEO properly done on the website. Usability and speed are important, so always invest in good hosting solution and optimize all of the content for the web.

Responsive web design

People will be visiting your website from different devices, and if your website is old and not mobile friendly, it is a time for a redesign. Responsive websites are ranking higher simply because of better user experience and easier way to search for a property from the tablets and different mobile devices. You need to make sure that all of the visitors will get good experience and easy way to search for a property and go from page to page easily on all of the devices.

Links to your website

Carefully examine your external link profile and where those links are coming from. You may find out that your listings are getting many links from other real estate agencies, property listing publishing websites, and that the content is the same as yours. You may want to protect your content and to decide which links should be pointing to you, because those links are transferring their value on your website. It is better to have less links from valuable websites, then to get hundreds of links from bad, spammy ones. Always make sure that your link profile is filled with valuable websites, magazine articles and quality blog posts that point to your website. Real estate industry in very competitive, and in order to get high ranking position on the web, you must follow certain rules.

At Salmon SEO we believe that every niche should be treated differently and with unique SEO strategy for a success. We hope this basic quite will help you targeting your critical areas and fixing the issues that will help your business grow and expand.

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