SEO for Startups- Complete Guide for 2017

SEO for Startups- Complete Guide for 2017

Starting with the new project from scratch, especially if it is a startup project, can be very challenging. You are entering the industry with either no competition or online exposure at all, or completely opposite- you have strong competition, recognizable on the internet and ranked high on the SERP. Both times, you cannot survive online battle without SEO. PPC is essential, but you cannot rely solely on the paid traffic as a startup, often times growth hacking is your primary method of doing business and you must count on organic leads as well. Where to start, and how? I created this online guide to help you make your SEO checklist and start working on your project rankings.

SEO Tools

You need to start tracking your competitors. What keywords do they use, how they create original content, where do they get their inbound links from… I suggest few tools that are best on the market (Moz, SEMRush, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Raven SEO), but feel free to explore and find others that will suit your needs.

Audience analysis

Use all available resources to find the right audience for your startup. Determine demographics, social activities and specific behavior patterns. Make sure to have Google Analytics and audience tracking tools installed on your website to make sure you are targeting the right niche.

Your startup's website

If you still do not have a website, I suggest building it in some of the most popular CMS systems, like Wordpress CMS. The reason behind that is that Wordpress has a tone of plugins that will help you implement on-page SEO elements on your pages, and even fix some minor SEO errors. Do not forget to develop a mobile friendly website, and to have a good hosting solution that will make your website fast and stable.  And do not try to optimize the website by yourself, hire some reliable SEO agency to do it for you!

Your App

Before you put your app on the Google Play or App Store, you need to make sure it is bug free and optimized for great reviews and awesome user experience. Follow this guide on how to optimize your app to make sure that all is set and ready for your online success.

Online networking

Now is the right time to start spreading a message about your startup. Show up on conferences from your industry, make the list of all interesting online partners and feel free to contact them. Do your research to find your niche and ideal websites for guest posting and online partnership for cooperation. Influencer marketing is a must. Your startup will not become a thing if you do not promote it.

PPC advertising

Find relevant channels for PPC advertising, examine all social networks and find good cases of your competition’s advertising channels. Did they miss something? Would you do it differently? Start investing in PPC wisely and measure ad success, leads, conversions and ROI.

Track and measure

Track the success of your website, app, individual landing pages. If you see that something is not working, change it asap. Some SEO experts say that you should change your on-page SEO every two weeks. You do not have to be that active, but do not think that your work is done when you have everything optimized. Startups are alive, sometimes you will find the other way around for your success, and it may not be the same product/service that you started with at the beginning. Adapt the ability to change and track human needs to find the perfect way for your startup’s success!

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